Opportunity or Distraction: Is it a HELL YEAH?

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Thank you to Derek Silvers for the interesting part of this title. Basically, life isn’t that hard. Sure, we encounter (very) hard situations, like watching a parent lose themselves to Alzheimer’s, or a spouse getting killed in a motor vehicle accident, or a child with a terminal disease. These are heart-wrenching situations. But day-to-day, we make life hard by getting … Read More

March Stress Tips: Compilation

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Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/6/17 Take a break every hour. Give your brain, eyes, wrists, and neck a time-out. Hydrate and stretch. Calendar it and make it happen. “Sitting is the new smoking!” James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D “What are your favorite ways to take a time-out during the work day?” Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/13/17 Multitasking is a Myth The brain can only pay attention to one thing at a time. What ONE thing are you doing and how does it contribute to your goals? … Read More