March Stress Tips: Compilation

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Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/6/17

Take a break every hour.

Give your brain, eyes, wrists, and neck a time-out.

Hydrate and stretch.

Calendar it and make it happen.

“Sitting is the new smoking!” James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D

“What are your favorite ways to take a time-out during the work day?”

Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/13/17

Multitasking is a Myth

The brain can only pay attention to one thing at a time.

What ONE thing are you doing and how does it contribute to your goals?

Create a distraction-free zone:

Silence beeps, buzzes, and rings.

Close out of all other tabs (email too).

Watch your productivity soar!


“He who chases two rabbits catches none.” Confucius

Stop the multitasking. Yes really.

Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/20/17

Are you often connected somewhere other than where you actually are?

Create smarter smartphone habits:

Create boundaries around smartphone use.

Restrict usage/Create phone hours.

Use airplane mode.

Remove excess apps.

Turn off notifications: beeps, buzzes, rings.

Are you missing life because you aren’t looking up from your smartphone?


Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/27/17

Improve your calendaring

The probability of a task or project getting accomplished is much higher if you calendar it.

Try to avoid scheduling meetings back-to-back.

Plan space: expect the unexpected.

Things take longer than you think; plan for it.

Plan 30 minutes each day for something you enjoy.

Schedule drive time.

How do you keep to your calendar?

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