June Stress Tips: Compilation

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Hydrate: Drink at least 8 8oz. glasses of water per day. You are about 60% water. Hydration is critical to your body’s cells, tissues, and organs, your blood, bones, and brain, to maintain optimal function: temperature regulation nutrient breakdown & absorption elimination & flushing of waste joint lubrication and much more. And you’ll have more energy too!   What is your focus? … Read More

Compartmentalizing Self-care Isn’t The Answer

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Most people compartmentalize self-care. I’ll fit in my gym time here. I’ll make a good breakfast since I may not have time for lunch. I’ll squeeze yoga in between my other meetings in my already back-to-back day. Then, when the day’s plan get foiled because something unexpected comes up, guess what suffers? But here’s the thing. Self-care should be at … Read More

How Probiotics Can Get At The Guts Of Your Stress

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Probiotic helps stress and gut health

Improve microbiome balance, digestion and immunity with fermented foods What causes stress and how we experience stress is different for everyone. But we all have it. And most of us underestimate how significantly stress affects us. Psychology Today defines stress as: 1) The psychological perception of pressure, and 2) The body’s response to it. Stress causes many physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral … Read More