Compartmentalizing Self-care Isn’t The Answer

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Most people compartmentalize self-care. I’ll fit in my gym time here. I’ll make a good breakfast since I may not have time for lunch. I’ll squeeze yoga in between my other meetings in my already back-to-back day. Then, when the day’s plan get foiled because something unexpected comes up, guess what suffers? But here’s the thing. Self-care should be at … Read More

Opportunity or Distraction: Is it a HELL YEAH?

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Thank you to Derek Silvers for the interesting part of this title. Basically, life isn’t that hard. Sure, we encounter (very) hard situations, like watching a parent lose themselves to Alzheimer’s, or a spouse getting killed in a motor vehicle accident, or a child with a terminal disease. These are heart-wrenching situations. But day-to-day, we make life hard by getting … Read More

March Stress Tips: Compilation

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Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/6/17 Take a break every hour. Give your brain, eyes, wrists, and neck a time-out. Hydrate and stretch. Calendar it and make it happen. “Sitting is the new smoking!” James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D “What are your favorite ways to take a time-out during the work day?” Stress Tip Of the Week: 3/13/17 Multitasking is a Myth The brain can only pay attention to one thing at a time. What ONE thing are you doing and how does it contribute to your goals? … Read More

Exactly What Is Mindfulness And Why Should I Try It?

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I had a client follow up this past week. This woman incorporated two minutes of mindfulness into her routine when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep…and it “changed her life.” (I pinky swear that is what she told me.) She said that she felt so much better, was more positive, was sleeping better, and had more energy. She … Read More

Progress over perfect

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This past week, I had 3 presentations/workshops. Instead of waiting until everything was “perfect,” I put it out there. And I didn’t lose sleep over anything. I kept my cool, and didn’t waste energy with anxiety. I put the work in, prepared, and practiced. Whatever happened would be fuel for the next time. And honestly, the feedback was terrific. But I haven’t always … Read More

How To Turn A BHAG Into No Problem At All

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Go step-by-step using the 4 Cs You’ve got a situation. Something you’re worried about. You don’t know where to start. And the more you procrastinate, the more it festers. You’re getting increasingly stressed out about it. Your brain can’t seem to do anything else without this thing creeping in. The 4 Cs is a step-by-step process that will get you … Read More

How Probiotics Can Get At The Guts Of Your Stress

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Probiotic helps stress and gut health

Improve microbiome balance, digestion and immunity with fermented foods What causes stress and how we experience stress is different for everyone. But we all have it. And most of us underestimate how significantly stress affects us. Psychology Today defines stress as: 1) The psychological perception of pressure, and 2) The body’s response to it. Stress causes many physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral … Read More

The 3 Big Questions to Your Most Amazing Life

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Via visualization I recently delivered a workshop titled Crossing the Threshold to New Beginnings. I have to say, I love this workshop. It’s a blend of yoga philosophy and coaching, asking you to tune in and develop a deeper relationship with (your)self. It inspires people to reflect on where they are in life, where they want to be, how to … Read More

Focus and the Challenge of the Shiny Object

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The Challenge: A Story I should’ve known better. Here I am, working on v2 of my business. I have big aspirations for 2017 and things are off to a good, focused start. And then, OOOOOOH, AAAAAAH. Shiny object causing me to take my eye off the ball. I was offered an opportunity that was outside my comfort zone, but could … Read More