Planting Seeds to Create a Flourishing Garden

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There was a time when I was overly critical of myself– it started in grade school. Whatever I did was never enough. If I got constructive feedback, I didn’t note down what I did well, but focused only on what needed improvement.

Celebrate your accomplishments

Throughout my transformation, I have shifted my mindset. Celebrating your accomplishments is so important. Just as important as looking at what didn’t quite go the way the planned so that you can refine and improve.

Last week, my stress tip was “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” I had a few things in mind when I created that post. But mainly, I was laughing to myself. One of my clients had shared how impressed he was with the number of things I was doing. I was completely honest and shared the fact that I had some complete failures that were less visible. HAH!

Plant seeds

Planting seeds is step one. Put something out there and see how it goes. Is there clarity of purpose? How well are the logistics planned out? How are you breaking down the content? What resonates for people? Then look at it and say what worked and what didn’t? And then…take 2! Hopefully, the next time is better. There is that expression “third time’s a charm.”

Assess & refine, streamline

I am all about planting seeds so that my business can be a flourishing garden in 2018. My goal is to figure out what gets traction and how to make things more efficient so that all goes more smoothly and is more time efficient later on. We’ll see how that evolves.

Thank your support

I am excited with the momentum that has started. I have a ways to go, but I feel so lucky to do what I love. To all of those who have participated in yoga or stress workshops, yoga classes, casual conversations about building business, and local leaders, I thank you. I am grateful to live in a small community where people try to connect each other so that we can all thrive.

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