Overwhelmed by life’s demands?
Managing stress can be a challenge.


Life isn’t fun when you are exhausted, overextended, and under-fulfilled.
I overcame overwhelm and now I help go-getters like you with stress
management to find your
path back to feeling better and being better. 


Sure, you could try to do everything
…but why would you want to?

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Especially if you:

  • Are in transition (moving, relationship, career)
  • Have an injury/health condition (or have a loved one who does)
  • Feel conflicted and out of balance

By combining the art of self-care with the science of behavior change,
I coach people so that they can do more of what is meaningful to them.

Tired of being tired?
Sick of spinning your wheels?

Download my 4 Stress-Reducing Strategies To Overcome Overwhelm

Hi. I’m Amy

I am a Duke-certified health & wellness coach, speaker, and blogger. You’d be amazed at the difference a few small habit changes can have! You improve the quality of your health and wellbeing, and also of your personal and professional life. Because when self-care is a focus, it is much easier to take care of the rest of life.

I overcame overwhelm. And you can too! Read my story. 

No More Spinning Your Wheels

Working with me, whether individually or through a corporate wellness program, means working past your anxiety and frustration, and finding more time for you and what’s important to you. I ask you to tune in to your needs, desires, values, and goals, and to tune out the noise and distractions. Then, we figure out the best path to move forward, and what to leave behind, to develop the habits to get you where you want. Ultimately, I help you develop a better relationship with yourself. Read more about how to work with me.

Start managing stress now!

Don’t spend another minute wallowing in the abyss of to-dos.
Rediscover focus, fulfillment and fun.

I’m ready!